I am scared to breathe this air - without a mask to drink this water - without a filter I am scared of pandemics shellfish caffeine red meat bird flu, so I don't eat chicken mad cow, so I don't eat beef mercury, so I don't eat fish e-coli, so I don't eat greens pesticides, so I don't eat fruits tofu, makes me constipated scared to turn on the news read the papers of pending disasters scared of cell phones against my head scared of microwave ovens & cancerous BBQ grills, eventually doing me in! scared of briefcase nukes scared…

compassionate conservatism is like that
last meal
before the hangin’
that anti abortion pro death penalty
compassionate behavior

compassionate conservatism
to believe that they
actually have souls and hearts
and that
economics is actually

compassionate conservatism is about
reaching out
to the poor
with batons and not cattle prods
clearing the area of homeless
going live on
t.v about
compassionate conservatism

compassionate conservatism is
stepping over
the homeless
instead of
kickin’ them in the side
thank you

compassionate conservatism is the embodiment of all that is wrong with this country trying to…

(For Roger Owensby)

unwound rolls black and white — brown edges of tracks each scene depicting another misery frame by frame each inch unraveling to be played each night —…

bourgeoisie bigots
burn bright behind
brazen Black bullets blastin’ back

butterball businessmen
bumble bitterly
by Black bludgeon blows

black bafoons
befall briskly because
bastards breed bullshit

battyboy bitches become bloody…

they don’t seem to bother her
my gaseous smells
as we lay on our backs, naked
laughing into the ceiling

sex was not the catalyst
it was her beans!


perhaps you have been snowed under
buried your head in a bush
chased by a wolf or witch
drunk off rums & fell down
into a bowl of buttered rice.


a collection of poetry & other writings by J.Jenkins

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